Oropesa del Mar Turismo


Enjoy a gastronomy that combines the best products of the sea with those of our extensive Mediterranean vegetable crops

The sea and the fields offer you an exquisite gastronomy

At a table with a tablecloth, at a bar counter, on a pavement terrace in a sunny square, sitting in a café. Oropesa del Mar's wide range of hotel and hospitality establishments are waiting for you. The city overlooks the Mediterranean and with it, it offers a cuisine based on the sea and the local farms with traditional dishes with touches of modernity, without forgetting a more international cuisine. The city has more than 150 restaurants and bars where you can taste everything from tasty stews and fish to a wide variety of tapas.

You have a fine collection of rice dishes, black, caldoso - in a creamy broth, a banda, where the rice is served separately or al horno, baked, including arrosejat, a traditional fisherman's stew of humble origin and easy to prepare.

The gastronomy co-exists next to the sea and that is its strength. The prawns, mussels, date mussels, lobsters and king prawn of Vinarós are of limited production, meaty and of considerable size. There are succulent dishes such as suquet de peix, a seafood stew typical of the area, or zarzuelas. If you want to taste fish on its own, there you can choose from: sardines, sea bream, sole or octopus. All this is within your reach. A feast of aromas and flavours.



When eating is an experience

Almost a hundred restaurants are waiting for you in Oropesa del Mar with a varied offer and always taking care of the service and the product they offer. The pure Mediterranean diet. Or what is the same, a pleasure for all the senses that goes beyond taste, a combination of flavours both exquisite and healthy.

The sea and the farmland enable the city's kitchens to serve succulent dishes, sometimes of local and Valencian inspiration, but without omitting more international dishes. Rice dishes, fish and seafood are waiting for you. Don´t miss out on treasures such as date mussels or king prawn from Vinarós. You choose from this extensive and delicious gastronomic experience.

Bars and cafeterias

Bars for all tastes and moments

Take a break from the cityscape. Dozens of bars and cafés will allow you to recharge your batteries. The city centre has a wide range of restaurants in its streets and squares that also extends to the beaches. The tapas are clearly inspired by the sea and local products, perfect to be accompanied by a beer, a wine or a vermouth. In the afternoons, a pleasant treat awaits you in one of the cafés that give you the opportunity to sample the city's cakes and pastries.

Lest we forget the famous oropesinas, that almond sweet that came out in the eighties and already travels to other places as an ambassador of Oropesa del Mar. For the night, what´s on offer still stands even if it changes flavours and picks up the pace with bars and dance clubs next to the beach where you can dance and let your hair down.



Immerse yourself in the traditional local flavours and the most exquisite desserts

Let yourself be carried away by the characteristic aromas and flavours of the gastronomy of Oropesa del Mar and you will find a tradition in which to immerse yourself with dishes of Mediterranean intensity. You can try paella con pelotas- paella with meatballs, which mixes rice with balls made with lean pork, bread, lard, eggs, chicken blood and spices. Arroz a banda, a classic of Levantine cuisine cooked with fish broth, is also a favourite dish in Oropesa. You will also definitely have another unique option if you try thetombet de cordero, a delicious lamb stew in sauce that is traditional in Castellón. If you want more proof of the richness of Oropesa's cuisine, you can opt for the potaje de cuaresma, a classic of the Lent period that gives it its name, which features chickpeas, spinach and cod.

It is also worth leaving room for the succulent desserts that you will be on offer. From tarró de gat, a delicious almond nougat, to clarianes, small titbits with the same main ingredient, which you will also find, along with grated pumpkin and walnuts, in the coca celestial. The torta de almendras almond cake mixes them with egg, sugar and flour,

The skill for desserts can be admired in flores de calabacera, an exquisite treat as simple as mixing egg, oil, water, flour and honey. With yeast, flour and sugar you will have the tasty sugar crumb cake. torta de migas de azúcar.