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Hang your rucksack on your back and get your strength back, because in Oropesa del Mar there are plenty of places to see. In the Old Town you will find many of the main points of interest. One of them is the Castle, built by the Muslims in the 11th century, and highly coveted throughout history for its strategic and security importance. Nearby is the Chapel of the Virgen de la Paciencia, where you can see the image of the patron saint of the town and samples of Alcora tiles from the 18th century. In the same square as the church is the Oropesa del Mar Museum, an innovative experience in which emotion and information go hand in hand. Located in a building of singular importance, the old "Casa Consistorial", where past and present, tradition and new technologies are linked. An encounter with the heritage, history and identity of Oropesa del Mar.

Nor should you miss the Museum of the Playing Card, where you can discover the marvellous art of decorating and stamping playing cards in different countries and cultures. In the Old Town you can also visit the Old Jail of the town, the remains of the castle wall and the Pou del Ravalet.

Outside the Old Town, next to the coast, is one of the most emblematic monuments of the municipality: the King's Tower, a fortress built in 1413 by order of King Ferdinand of Antequera to defend the town from pirate attacks. Next to it stands the Oropesa del Mar lighthouse, inaugurated in 1859 to direct maritime traffic in the area, and still in operation.

Finally, further south, the Corda and Colomera Towers, built in the 16th century to help the Torre del Rey (King's Tower) in its coastal surveillance work, lie on a steep slope surrounded by native vegetation.

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The legacy of our history

Do you want to have a view that allows you to take in all of Oropesa del Mar? Climb up to the castle. Discover the same view as the Muslim settlers who built it or of El Cid and later King James I of Aragon, who conquered it. Go down through the historic centre of the city and discover a route that takes you past some of the iconic buildings of Oropesa, walking along narrow streets and past small corners with a medieval layout. And to finish off the visit? A walk that takes you past our old watchtowers.

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Where time is transformed into a space

Do you want to know the story of the fearsome pirate Barbarossa? Or perhaps to feel the magic of discovering unique card decks from all eras and from different parts of the world? In Oropesa del Mar you can find many and varied spaces where you can discover our history and culture in an immersive way. If you are one of those who seek to soak up the essence of each place, you should not miss our museums.