Oropesa del Mar Turismo

Oropesa del Mar

Landscapes, history, culture... a whole world to discover with family, friends or as a couple

Heart of stone and salt

There are many reasons why you should visit Oropesa del Mar. It's one of the favourite tourist destinations in the province of Castellón: the millions of tourists who have visited us know what we mean. Oropesa del Mar is much more than a destination. Gastronomy, history, adventure, sport, relaxation and fun come together so you can experience what you are looking for.

In addition to being amazed by the stories and legends waiting to be revealed in every corner of our city, during the spring and summer months, the beaches and coves dotted around the area are some of the things you can’t miss. There are more than 12 kilometres of coastline where you will find everything from fine sandy beaches - especially suitable for the littlest ones - to rocky coves for the more adventurous and those looking for quieter, more relaxed and laid-back spaces.

Our crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean off the shores of Oropesa del Mar are the space for recreation and sport. If you are a fan of water sports, you can enjoy water experiences such as kayaking, sailing, or kitesurfing, not to mention snorkelling, suitable for all ages.

At Oropesa del Mar, we do not have to choose between the mountains and the beach, because we have both. Our natural spaces invite you to enjoy hiking and cycling tourism routes suited to all conditions while discovering the purest nature and various active tourism activities for those looking for more fun such as Marlon Kart Quad Universe, among others.

And how could it be otherwise, to finish your visit with the little ones, with friends or as a couple, our exquisite and varied cuisine will put the icing on the cake to your trip and bring you back for another visit.

Ready to enjoy the Oropesa del Mar experience?


Real gems of the Mediterranean

Kilometres of sandy beaches and wonderful coves surrounded by nature.

A destination for the whole family to enjoy

In Oropesa del Mar you will find the best activities for the whole family.


Water sports and active tourism

Dare to go sailing or scuba diving, or lose yourself in nature on our hiking trails, biking and more active tourism activities.

The most authentic Oropesa del Mar

From the Iberians to the most modern art. Legends, stories and culture in every corner.