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Let yourself be carried away by the party and have fun in the streets

Whoever wants some street noise, music, fervour and mingling with local residents and visitors in the streets of the city, raise your hand. Wow, everyone's signing up. These displays of popular explosion are among the highlights of Oropesa del Mar. There is something for all tastes and times of the year, there are popular fiestas, but also arts and music festivals, flea markets and workshops. Impossible to get bored.

At the beginning of October, the Patron Saint´s festivities are held honour of Our Lady of Patience. They commemorate the return of the image of the Virgin Mary in 1964 after its restoration, once the shattered pieces were picked up one by one. To welcome the summer, Oropesa shows off its Mediterranean character with the Fiestas of San Juan and San Pedro. June 24 is a night of fire and light with pyrotechnics and bonfires. On the 28th comes the distribution of the Coca de San Pedro cake and muscatel wine.

In July, the summer also includes the Festivity of the Virgen del Carmen  (on the 16th) with the traditional regatta with almost a hundred vessels and the Fiestas of the Patron Saint San Jaime (on the 25th), with its usual open-air dances in the evening and "vaquillas" (young bull runs). But there is also something left for the winter, with the Festivity of Sant Antoni, held in January. In addition to these festivities, other events are held throughout the year.