Oropesa del Mar Turismo


Feel at home even when you are miles away from it


To sleep as if in a second home has become the goal and, judging by the opinions of those who have passed through, Oropesa del Mar can say that it can cater to the demands of travellers. Whether you like hotels, or you prefer to stay in apartments or to live the camping experience, the range of choice is one of the richest in the Valencian Community in terms of quantity and quality. Oropesa del Mar has more than 27,000 places among the different types of accommodation that reveal a process of continuous renovation and on which the municipality has based in part its positive image among tourists, which has encouraged many to return or indeed make it their regular holiday destination. Booking a room is easy: stay in any of them and enjoy your trip knowing that you have a good place to rest.


Hotels, hostels and guest houses

Oropesa has 3,400 hotel rooms overlooking the sea in front of the beaches, including the largest seawater spa in Europe in the Marina D'Or area.  Other hotels allow you to get close to the old town and the coves of Bellver.


The supply of places in tourist apartments is one of the most valuable aspects of the city. There are 22,600 beds distributed in more than 4,000 apartments located along the entire coastline and in the urban centre. Make yourself at home.



En tiendas o en bungalows, el camping mantiene el atractivo para un público fiel. Oropesa del Mar lo tiene porque conviven junto con el vecino Cabanes ocho campings con toda clase de instalaciones necesarias para hacer más cómodas cada una de las cerca de 2.000 plazas que ofertan, casi todas ellas en la zona de la playa de Les Amplaries.


Undoubtedly one of the most popular options for children and young people, a unique way to spend your summer and school holidays. Next to Les Amplàries Beach, there are the Mediterranean Campsites, offering marine activities, sports and cultural workshops and language classes with or without accommodation in chalets. Here we achieve the magic formula of having fun while learning.