Oropesa del Mar Turismo


From the pirate Barbarossa to five thousand decks of cards

Oropesa del Mar has a history that can be seen in its streets, but it has also known how to take care of it in its museums. In the old town is the Museum of Oropesa del Mar, a sample of local heritage that is well worth a visit. You will not be bored because the museum is not limited to being a catalogue of exhibits, but also there are scale models, computer display panels and audiovisual material that make the visit interactive and interesting. It could not be otherwise when stories like the attack of the fearsome pirate Barbarossa in 1536 are told. Don´t resist this blend of tradition and new technologies, which tells you about the castle, the fortifications and daily life through objects found in the area.

After your visit, you will surely want to learn more about the city. Not far away, also in the old town, is the Museo del Naipe (playing card museum). You didn't expect this one. It is one of those delightful museums that you won't see anywhere else with a game that reigned supreme over other board games for centuries. The collection boasts more than five thousand decks of all kinds, including the largest in the world.

And if you want to enjoy culture in the open air, take a tour of the Museo de Esculturas al Aire Libre, (Museum of Outdoor Sculptures), a project that was founded in the eighties promoted by art-loving residents of the municipal district. The tour includes sculptures in streets and squares with the winners of successive competitions.