Oropesa del Mar Turismo


A paradise for sports lovers in the midst of nature

Get moving: the sea and the mountains invite you to do sport

If sport needs motivation, Oropesa del Mar certainly fulfils this role. Between the beaches overlooking the Mediterranean and the mountains and green areas surrounding the city, active tourism is a pleasure, a perfect counterpoint to the relaxation offered by other activities. In short, the superb environment of Oropesa encourages you to do sports. Take up the invitation.

You may prefer the sea, and then the opportunities are simply off the chart. From canoeing to windsurfing, sailing or sports fishing. All the options that a calm sea allows are recommended, with the marina as a base. You can get away from the coast or get closer to it and enjoy crystal-clear waters and rocky areas for diving.

You may prefer the mountains and then a wide panorama opens before you in the Sierra de Oropesa, or the routes that go along coastline, such as the vía verde(greenway). Walking, running or cycling, the municipality offers a series of fascinating routes for hiking and cycle tourism.

And you may also like to compete, in which case the city has a wide range of events and races for you to attend, which every year attract athletes from different backgrounds that accentuate the international character of the city.


Active tourism activities

Kitesurfing, snorkelling, cyclotourism, sailing... a host of possibilities.

Along its 12km of beaches, Oropesa del Mar offers numerous activities for lovers of marine and water activities. Go for a spin on a sailing boat, feeling the gentle lapping of the waves, snorkel in incredible coves or feel the adrenaline of riding a jet ski are just some of the activities you can enjoy on its shores. 

Whether you are an expert or just want to try different things, out at sea or in the heart of the mountains, in Oropesa del Mar you will find a wide variety of active tourism activities to enjoy with family, friends or whoever you choose.



Between the mountains and the sea

The wonderful natural environment of Oropesa del Mar offers numerous possibilities for hiking enthusiasts. Along the different existing routes within the city limits of Oropesa, you will be able to gaze upon beautiful landscapes with the sea, the mountains and the orange and almond groves as main attractions, and at the same time discover in each of these extraordinary routes, the flora and fauna native to the area.


Bicycle routes

Oropesa del Mar by bike

Are you a keen cyclist? Whether you are a beginner or an expert in pedal-pushing, we invite you to enjoy a quiet bike ride though some of our most scenic spots such as the renowned Vía Verde del Mar (Sea Greenway). 

A tour through natural sites of great environmental value that will amaze you.

Will you join us?

Sporting events

For those who love sports

Oropesa del Mar is the cradle of sport. Proof of this is the large number of sporting events that you can enjoy almost all year round. 

Races, triathlons and championships are waiting for you to enjoy the outdoors. 

Ready, set? Go!